Wrap around labeling

Products from a variety of different industries have one thing in common: The increasing number of legal regulations regarding labeling is making it necessary to utilize the surface area on products as efficiently as possible. For cylindrical containers, wrap-around labeling is therefore ideal. In this process, the label is wrapped either partially or completely around the circumference of the product.

Wrap-around labeling is essential for liquid medicines in vials or bottles, for pill bottles, inhalers, cosmetics in canisters and household cleaners, for food products from jam in jars to granola in cans, for cartridges, chemicals and many other products. One of the largest fields of application is the beverage sector, where products are frequently wrap-around labeled in large quantities in rotary machines.

SHINEBEN offers a wide range of special applicators for rotary systems and wrap-around labeling systems. Depending on the application, the systems can operate in synchronization with the star wheel or unsynchronized with an application belt. We have even developed a solution for large cylindrical products that cannot stand on their own, such as cartridges.

Important factors for wrap-around labeling

Precise dispensing: There must be no spiral misalignment, even with relatively long labels.

System performance that matches the application: For many high-volume consumer products or small-format products, high speeds and throughputs need to be achieved.

Attractive options: Often it is also necessary to align the labels, for instance to visually match the position of a wrap-around label to the position of an additional lid label.