We manufacture all kinds of  machines with high quality. SHINE BEN is your worry free choice for filling machine(filler), labeling machine(labeler), packing machine, sealing machine(sealer) and so on.

Form fill seal machine

Plastic cup forming filling sealing machine suits for food packaging such as milk, yogurt, chocolate, jam, fruit juice and condiment etc. It is also suitable for biscuit, candy, tablet and capsule.

Blister packaging machine

Blister packaging machine is the ideal equipment for food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

Cold glue labeler SBM-LM8021CG

Automatic cold glue labeler is suitable for labeling of bottles, barrels, cans, cups, hoses, cans and other round bottles in various industries.

Automatic VFFS packaging machine for liquid

The VFFS packaging machine is widely used in food, medicine and chemical industries as well as nonfood detergent, grease and other fluid, semi fluid automatic quantitative packaging.

Rotary labeling machine SBM-SALMR30

Rotary labeling machine is suitable for cylindrical, conical bottles, square bottles, hexagonal bottles, flat bottles and other products.

Corner wrap labeler SBM-CWLM150

Corner Wrap labeler is suitable for tamper-evident and corner labeling for various carton box products. Adapt inline continuous labeling without product pause.

wrap around labeler SBM-SARLM220

Easy handling and operation.Fast and tool-free changeover to other formats.Precise labeling.Subsequent integration of printing units.

wrap-around labeling machine SBM-SAWALM30

Wrap-around labeling machine is an intelligent automatic machine, which is suitable for the wrapping and pasting of wire and cable labels.

Semi-automatic vertical rotary cartoner

suitable for the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, cosmetics industry, electronic industry, etc., and can realize the packaging functions of automatic box opening, box filling, box sealing, etc. It is also suitable for assembly line.

High speed hot melt glue box sealing machine

The high speed semi-automatic hot melt glue box sealing machine is widely used in the carton packaging’s sizing and sealing for food industry, tissue, and healthcare products and so on.

Fully Automatic Disposable Earloop Mask Making Machine

SBM-MM100 series full-automatic mask production line is our latest product, with fine workmanship, stable performance and high production efficiency.The daily production capacity is 150000 (24h).

High Output Case Erector

Output is up to 1500 cases per hour. the Model SBM-CE25 carton erector is a simple, operator-friendly solution for your packaging line.