Filling Machine

Shineben designs filling machine for chemical, cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical industrial. And we offer different scales of machine size as table top filling machines, semi automatic filling machines, fully automatic filling machines and filling lines.

Linear Anti-corrosion Filler

Can fill both angle neck bottles and common round bottles. Can fill corrosive liquid both with Viscosity or not. Widely used in toilet disinfection/cleaner/strong acid.

Vertical form fill seal machine for liquid

The machine is widely used in the packaging of milk, soy milk, soy sauce, vinegar, yellow wine and various liquids.

Automatic vertical doypack packing machine

Automatic vertical doypack packing machine is suitable for granule and fluent powder such as sugar, salt, rice, coffee, sesame, forage and so on.

Nut bean granule weighing filling machine

Semi Automatic Nut Bean Granule Weighing Filling Machines manual Grain electric scale Filler Weigher with bucket elevator materials feeding system.

4 Heads Semi automatic Filling Machine for Perfume

The vacuum filling machine for perfume is pure pneumatic equipment, without power. It's one of most economic filling machine, especially suitable for perfume, toilet water, and other small doses of filling agent products.

Desktop semi automatic liquid filling machine

The desktop semi-pneumatic filling machine, mainly adopt the stainless steel, it have good resistant acid and alkdi, certainly it is include the good corrosion.

Automatic rotary type plastic cup sealing machine

Automatic rotary cup filling sealing machines cream juice butter jelly round cup filler and sealer equipment.

Auger metering filling packing machine

Auger metering filling packing machine semi automatic equipment for milk powder soybean pharmaceutical bottle bag weigher filler machinery.

Rotary paste fluid tube cream lotion honey filling sealing machine

Rotary paste fluid tube cream lotion honey filling sealing machine semi automatic tube inner outer heating filler and sealer equipment machinery.