Labeling Machine

Labeling machines provide a comprehensive solution for labeling tasks. Comprehensive labeling machines include a transportation system for supplying the products to the labeling station, which employs the previously mentioned applicators and then forwards labeled products to the next machine or for manual removal. SBM’s labeling machines also have several optional features, including separation, alignment, stabilization, review, and rejection of individual bad products, if necessary.

These machines are designed for side labeling (one or two side plus L- and C-shape), wrap-around labeling (positioned to a specific feature), as well as top and bottom labeling of products.

We offer professional production of various labeling machine, including top labeling machine, top & bottom labeling machine, wrap around labeling machine, horizontal wrap around labeling machine, front & back labeling machine and corner wrap & tamper proof labeling machine. Additional options and custom solutions are available upon request.

If you are interested in our automatic labeling machine, please contact us online.

Cold glue labeler SBM-LM8021CG

Automatic cold glue labeler is suitable for labeling of bottles, barrels, cans, cups, hoses, cans and other round bottles in various industries.

Rotary labeling machine SBM-SALMR30

Rotary labeling machine is suitable for cylindrical, conical bottles, square bottles, hexagonal bottles, flat bottles and other products.

Corner wrap labeler SBM-CWLM150

Corner Wrap labeler is suitable for tamper-evident and corner labeling for various carton box products. Adapt inline continuous labeling without product pause.

wrap around labeler SBM-SARLM220

Easy handling and operation.Fast and tool-free changeover to other formats.Precise labeling.Subsequent integration of printing units.

wrap-around labeling machine SBM-SAWALM30

Wrap-around labeling machine is an intelligent automatic machine, which is suitable for the wrapping and pasting of wire and cable labels.

Hot Melt Glue Labeling Machine

This hot melt glue labeling machine is widely suitable for different material of container and label. And the output is up to 24000 bottles per hour.

Automatic Hot Melt Glue Labeler

Suitable for different industries for mineral water , soft drink, seasoning, wine cosmetics and others. It can stick many kinds of shape of PET bottle, tin can and other containers.

shrink sleeve labeler

The SBM-L2500SS shrink sleeve labeler is a fast, efficient and easy-to-operate. The production rate can be up to 250 products per minute.

Automatic horizontal labeling machine

Can be suitable for small round bottle which cann’t stand steadily, such as ampoule,tube, vial,pen and so on.

Flat Round bottle Multifunctional Labeling Machine

Upgrade Version with high adaptability. Can label one side, two sides, three sides and four sides of square bottle, round bottle with single label.

Semi-automatic cold glue labeling machine model SBM-LM200CG

Up to 30 bottles per minute, suitable for all kinds of round bottle.

Automatic cold glue labeling machine SBM-LM800CG

Designed for the paper label, which is suitable for the Cans, Bottles and any kinds of cylindrical containers. Mainly used for the Food, Chemical, Cosmetics, Light industry, etc.

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