March 10, 2019

How to Choose the Right Closure System for Your Cartons

The type of carton and closure system you use largely depends on what you are manufacturing, how it needs to be packaged, how you are shipping it, and your own ideal operating procedures. Choosing the right closure system for your cartons is an important part of ensuring both quality and efficiency. The decision should not be made lightly.

Top Load or End Load

Whether you choose top load or end load cartons depends on the product that you are producing. The beverage and food industries frequently use top load cartons, although horizontal end load cartons are also used for these purposes.

Many manufacturers and shippers find that end load cartons are not as efficient as top load cartons, with frequent line jams slowing the process. However, with the right packaging machines, either top load or end load will work efficiently. Choosing top loading or end loading cartons is really an individual decision, based on your packaging and what makes the most sense for your product.


How automated do you want your process to be? You can easily get packaging machines that can automate the process to a certain extent, although some manual intervention is still involved. You can incorporate conveyor belts into your packaging system to further automate the process. Both top load and end load cartons are efficient with these cartooning machines.

Getting Help

If you aren’t sure what type of closure system is right for your cartons, we can help. We offer a wide range of top load and end load cartons and closure systems that can work well for any industry. Contact us today for more information.


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