June 12, 2020

What to Look for in an Automatic Cartoner

When you are looking to upgrade your equipment, streamline your production process, or replace old equipment, you want to know that you are choosing the best automatic cartoner for your business needs. Here are a few things that you should consider when choosing an automatic cartoner.

Meets Your Budget

Your budget is an important consideration when choosing an automatic cartoner. While it is necessary to stay within what your company can afford, it is also important to set a realistic budget that will purchase the most efficient equipment for your company. Overall, while budget is important, it should not be the overall determining factor.

Meets Your Product Needs

Different types of products need different types of packaging. For example, granular and loose piece products need to be loaded vertically, while ready meals are best packaged with a wraparound cartoner. Products such as coffee pods are best packaged with end loaders. If you have multiple types of products to package, you want to choose an automatic cartoner that can be adjusted to meet multiple needs.

Speed of Operation

Of course, speed of operation is important. However, it is not wise to get the fastest possible cartoner. Make sure that the cartoner you choose will be efficient, but not too fast to actually slow down production or interrupt the flow of work. An average speed of 20 to 30 cartons per minute is really all you need.


You will need to make sure that your automatic cartoner does not exceed the abilities of your company or employees. If you get an automatic cartoner that is difficult to operate, you may need to hire specialized workers or provide in-house training to your employees. An automatic cartoner should be easy to operate and require little training from basic employees. Managers and those calculating the settings for the cartoner may need additional training.

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