March 4, 2019

What Is Child Resistant Packaging?

Children are naturally curious, a trait that offers plenty of benefits in the classroom. However, curiosity can pose serious dangers when children come across unsecured packaging. Pharmaceuticals, cleaning products, and other common household products are extremely harmful for children to touch or ingest. This is why child resistant packaging has become its own unique requirement in the packaging industry. Child resistant packaging exists in a few different – and increasingly creative – ways to keep children safe.

Blister Cartons

Blister cartons are popular in the packaging industry because they offer an inexpensive way to create durable, transparent, and tamper-proof product containers. A company in Italy recently innovated the common blister carton to make it the ultimate child resistant folding box. Though it looks like a standard box, this new blister carton actually has a locking system that comes complete with a key. This makes it impossible for children to open even if they get their hands on the box, but adults who lose the key can utilize a pen cap for an easy replacement. In addition, this Child Resistant Folding Box is made of cardboard that cannot be torn, so children cannot override the locking device.

Roll-On Bottles

Many pharmaceutical products are available in roll-on bottles as well. It is critical to keep these products out of reach of children with child resistant closures. A few companies like O.Berk have developed white cylinders that use child resistant closures proven to not only protect the products, but also make it impossible for children to accidentally access. O.Berk’s, for example, utilizes a pinch and twist motion that adults find simple but children cannot perform. The most common uses for such packaging include muscle pain relievers and analgesics.

Nasal Pump

One last type of pharmaceutical packaging with recent child resistance developments is the nasal pump. The innovation for this new packaging was triggered by the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission enacting a new requirement for all over-the-counter and prescription drugs containing imidazolines to be child resistant. The design ensures that children are fully protected because the pump itself is child-proof, meaning the packaging remains safe even if the cap is lost.

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