March 2, 2018

Using Packaging Inserts to Increase Customer Loyalty

Running a successful business involves more than manufacturing your products and getting them onto store shelves. It also demands that you earn customer loyalty and encourage repeat sales. There are many marketing techniques that can help you develop strong customer loyalty, from social media campaigns to email updates, but don’t forget about the marketing opportunities that don’t involve the Internet. Your product packaging can be used strategically to connect with your customers and nurture long-lasting loyalty.

Write Thank You Cards

Thank you cards aren’t just for baby showers and birthdays! You can include a thank you card as an insert inside each product you package or ship. Taking the time to generate a compelling and authentic thank you card will help your customers feel acknowledged and appreciated, which will increase the chances of them selecting your company in the future. There is no one single format that works for thank you cards; get creative and use your imagination!

Include Discounts

Offering customers a discount on their next purchase is one of the most successful tactics to secure future sales from existing customers. Since so many discounts are currently offered online and via email, an unexpected discount provided inside your product packaging will seem like a gift! This technique will get your customers excited and encourage them to come back for more.

Send Personalized Cards

This strategy may not apply to all businesses, but if you sell handmade crafts, hand-sewn baby clothes, or other products that are more personal than, say, shampoo or socks, you can include a handwritten and personalized thank you card that shows your customer true appreciation. Include the card in your product packaging as an extra surprise.

Take the Opportunity to Cross-Sell

If your customer purchased one item from your company, you can increase the odds of repeat sales by providing an insert that educates that customer on the similar products sold by your business. This is an extremely effective way to boost your bottom line and secure future sales. Pair this technique with a 20 percent off discount coupon, and you’ll see repeat sales skyrocket.

After your own product inserts are designed using the tips above, you can turn to a recognized worldwide packaging leader like Econocorp for all of your cartoning, tray forming, and casepacking needs.

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