July 1, 2018

This Year’s New Sweet Treat Packaging Trends

There’s no denying that candy and snacks are industry leaders when it comes to food sales. However, this also means major competition between brands, which is why snack and candy makers are upping their game and using packaging innovations to attract and retain customers. Here are just a few of the trends on display at this year’s trade shows.

Packaging That Emphasizes Contrasting Ideas

Shiny film and foil pouches are no longer the go-to packaging solutions for treats. More than ever before, snack manufacturers are using matte-finish packages to create a more sophisticated brand image that gives them the opportunity for additional messaging. It’s becoming more common for the matte packages to include a picture of the snack and an infographic of sorts depicting the specific ingredients and tastes that customers can expect.

Single Serve Options

Single serve snacks that offers health benefits are all the rage now. From protein bars to cookies with added protein, consumers want single snacks that they can enjoy without guilt. This is especially true as health-conscious snacking is on the rise. A customer might not be willing to buy a cookie, but she will purchase a cookie that is non-GMO verified, vegan, and high in fiber and protein.

Munchies With Many Parts

The multi-part snack trend began with yogurt that offered granola or chocolate chip stir-ins. This has expanded into many other forms now, from oatmeal cups to high-protein snack sticks complete with hazelnut spread. This enables creative on-the-go snacking that is far more satisfying that traditional options or a mushy, brown banana.

Go For Chickpeas

Garbanzo beans, also known as chickpeas, are the Kale of 2018. Chickpeas have become a consumer favorite thanks to their versatility and mild flavor. Many brands are taking advantage of this with roasted chickpeas and chickpea puffs that taste great enough to enjoy as a snack.

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