April 26, 2018

Making Maximum Profits With Minimum Packaging Downtime

In the packaging industry, time spent doing anything other than packaging products is time spent wasted. The more efficiently that machinery continues production, the higher profit margins can remain. However, this isn’t always possible due to machinery downtime. Since minimized downtime leads to stronger profits, it is important to use these tips to maintain an efficient packaging system around the clock.

Make Sure Employees Appreciate the Cost of Downtime

Your employees are responsible for keeping everything running smoothly, so they need to have a thorough understanding of downtime and its costs to the company. When employees receive clear communication from their managers, they feel included in decisions and are more likely to take actions to increase productivity. This equates to better machine servicing and the production of more goods, thereby minimizing downtime.

Keep Machinery Serviced and Updated

It’s no surprised that the less packaging machinery is serviced, the more it will malfunction. Every jam, break, and issue leads to downtime while the problem is fixed, which in turn cuts into your profitability. Regular preventative maintenance can prevent a great deal of these malfunctions by keeping machinery running smoothly. Also take measures to ensure that all machines have the most up-to-date technology and improvements.

Give Employees Incentives

Rather than penalize employees when excessive downtime occurs, put that type of effort into rewarding and incentivizing employees when everything runs smoothly. Not only does this boost morale, but it also gives employees a tangible reason to work harder, follow instructions, and motivate each other. The incentives can range in size and cost, but what matters is that their hard work is being recognized. As a result, your company will enjoy a stronger bottom line.

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