Glass Bottle Vacuum Filling Machine

Semi-automatic 4 heads perfume liquid solution filler machine is widely used in the daily chemical industry like Model SBM-F04 glass bottle vacuum filling equipment.
Four heads semi-automatic vacuum filling machine is a pure pneumatic equipment, without power. It is one of most economic filling machine, especially suitable for perfume, toilet water, and other small doses of filling agent products, This is your ideal choice.

The function and characteristics:
1. Vacuum set level filling system;
2. Pure pneumatic, accord with explosion-proof requirements;
3. Configure automatic drainage system back to the material of the barrel;
4. Shape and consistency of bottles in a strict requirements;
5. Simple structure, easy operation and maintenance;
6. Suitable for small doses of filling agent;
7. No power supply, economical and practical.

Technology parameters:
Model No. : SBM-F04
Filling nozzles: 4
Filling range: 10-500ml
Hopper volume: 30L
Filling precision: ±1%
Bottle height: 50-300(mm)
Bottle neck: 15-100(mm)
Gas pressure: 0.5-0.8 MPa
Capacity: 60pic/min
Machine size: 410×470×1330mm
Weight: 30kg