Automatic plastic cups filling sealing machine

Filler Sealer Machine

The filling sealing machine is suitable for packing soymilk, soy paste, honey, bubble black tea, milk, juice, mineral water, ketchup and so on.
1. Suit for various containers: PP, PS, EPS, Paper and some special material;
2. Sanitary, convenience and auto pack;
3. Can print logo and AD on sealing film or cup;
4. Can special order according to customer’s requirement.

The technical parameters of the fully automatic filling sealing Machine
Model: SBM-FSM60A
Speed: 3200-4000 cups/h
Heating power: 4 KW
Voltage: 380V, 3Phases
Motor power: 0.75W
Air pressure: 0.5-0.8 Mpa
Air consumption: 0.45m3/min
Weight: 550KG
Dimension: 3200mm*90mm*170mm