Automatic cold glue labeling machine for can bottle

Automatic cold glue labeling machine for can bottle

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labeling Machine is suitable for all kinds of cylindrical objects, such as glass bottles, Plastic bottles, paper can and so on. (The machine also can be customized for cone objects)
It can work separately or connecting with conveyer.

1. hot printer/ code machine
2.automatic feeding function(according to product)
3. automatic feeding function(according to product)
4. add labeling machine head
5. circumferential position labeling function
6. Other function(as customer’s requirement).

Operation :PLC control system makes labeling machine easy to operate
Material: Labeling machine’s main body is made of SUS304 stainless steel
Configuration:Our labeling machines adopt Japan motor driving and photo sensor and Taiwan control system
Flexibility:Client can chose to add printer and code machine; can connect with conveyer

Technical info
Labeling Speed: 60-100pcs/min(Depending on label length and bottle thickness)
Height of Object:50-300mm
Thickness of Object: 30-100mm
Height of Label:40-150mm
Length of Label:50-330mm
Labeling Rate:99.8%
Accuracy of Labeling:±1mm
Power Supply:Three-phase 380V 1KW/220V
Type of Glue: Soluble resin
Air Consumption: 4-6kgs×18liter/min
Machine Size: (L)2371*(W)794*(H)1188mm
Machine Weight:500Kg